January 28, 2021

Donor/Volunteer Profile: Dr. Lyn Lindpaintner

It takes a team of agency supporters to help our workforce deliver the best possible care to community members and we are fortunate to have a volunteer and donor who also has an extensive, multi-disciplinary clinical background. Dr. Lyn Lindpaintner shared her story on why she supports our agency.

“I started my career in nursing and earned my bachelor’s degree, and I never lost my sense of high regard and appreciation for what nurses know and do,” said Dr. Lindpaintner, who later returned to school to obtain her medical degree. “In every phase of my career, I’ve had some kind of link to nursing.”

“I was Medical Director of ElderCare Services at Concord Hospital,” she added. “We cannot take care of patients with lots of nursing needs without a strong nursing partner. Hospital nurses provide essential inpatient care, but people are at home much more of the time than they are hospitalized. It is important to know who was providing the care outside the hospital.”

Providing high quality end-of-life care is also important to Dr. Lindpaintner and was an additional reason she decided to devote her time and talents to our agency.

“You need palliative care providers and a way to support people at home and in facilities including Hospice House,” she said. “Concord Regional VNA provides these essential services and is the agency providing them to my patients. This was a major factor in my decision to volunteer after retiring from medical practice.”

“As a physician, I saw what an impact experiences at Hospice House had over and over again and its lasting meaning for families,” Dr. Lindpaintner added.

Volunteer Role
Shortly after retiring, Dr. Lindpaintner joined Concord Regional VNA’s Board of Trustees which serves as the governing body of the agency. 

“I learn a lot and that’s what I like.” she said. “It makes me feel connected to Concord and the region because I know how important the work is.” 

In addition to her work with the Board, Dr. Lindpaintner is also the chair of the Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Committee.

“It’s good to have a clinician as chair of the Committee,” she said. “It’s very good to have someone who understands nursing as well and how nursing hierarchies are structured because quality has a lot to do with delegation and making sure the duties you are delegating are being done responsibly.” 

Dr. Lindpaintner also volunteers as a member of the Sunset Singers, a small local group of singers who provide comfort and peace to hospice patients and families at bedside. Currently, singing at bedside has been stopped due to COVID-19 restrictions, but some of the group’s music is available on our agency’s web site as well as the Sunset Singers web site.  

“I think comforting people and families at end of life is one of the most noble things that an organization can be involved with,” she said.

Additionally, Dr. Lindpainter has volunteered for Hospice Lights of Life, an annual hospice awareness campaign that began 25 years ago.

Her Switzerland experience
Before joining Concord Hospital in 2012, Dr. Lindpaintner and her family lived in Switzerland for 14 years where she worked at a geriatric hospital at the University of Basel.

“In 2000, I learned the University was starting an Institute of Nursing Science  - the first ever  in Switzerland - so I showed up and said that I think this is fantastic!” Dr. Lindpaintner said. “Previously, nursing education in Switzerland was task-oriented with less opportunity to learn critical thinking and the science of health.” 

“I became a faculty member and developed their clinical assessment curriculum, which was subsequently adopted by seven Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences. I became an advocate for advanced practice roles for nurses, such as nurse practitioners.” she explained. “It was definitely not anything I planned, but I did sort of reinvent myself while I was there. I became a dementia and delirium specialist through my work at a Memory Clinic. I learned from the experts and neuropsychologists who worked there. It was extremely formative.”

We are thankful for all of our volunteers and donors including Dr. Lindpaintner and the outstanding experience she brings to her Board role and her many talents. Switzerland’s loss is our community’s gain.