February 21, 2023

Five Years Down the PATHS

Since launching in partnership with CATCH Neighborhood Housing in 2017, Granite VNA’s Positive Aging Through Home Supports– or PATHS–program has proven to be a life saver. Take Joanne, for example, who’s been a PATHS client from the start. Her wellness nurse noticed lesions on her arm and forehead and encouraged her to see a dermatologist. “Turns out, it was squamous cell carcinoma – cancer,” Joanne says. “That nurse saved my life!”

The PATHS program uses a team approach to support older adults in staying active and independent while managing their chronic conditions.

“Our program is offered at no charge to residents of Friedman Court II in Concord and uses a team approach to help them remain safe and healthy in their homes,” says Director of Community Health Jennifer Brechtel, CHES. “With a resident’s consent, the program offers in-person assessments with a wellness nurse, a customized living plan, and support to participants to help them reach their goals.”

The PATHS team includes a community health educator–a position funded in 2014 with a generous gift from the Audrey M. Lindgren Trust–as well as a wellness nurse, the resident service coordinator, and community social service and medical organizations. Some examples of how PATHS supports residents include:
- Creating an individualized plan that starts with small, realistic goals
- Identifying ways to be successful in following recommended nutritional goals such as establishing and following a low-sodium diet
- Reviewing recommendations from a resident’s doctor and helping to put them into action
- Connecting them to community resources that may help them achieve their goals

“The PATHS team is always there to be your sounding board regarding your health issues and your relationship with your medical care providers,” says Tabor, another PATHS client (pictured). “They have a wealth of information that provides great assistance in helping me to make my own healthcare decisions.”

“We are fortunate to be able to offer the PATHS program and to be in the community supporting individuals in their wellness journey,” Jennifer said. “It is beyond rewarding to know the team is making a difference in our clients’ social, emotional, and physical health.”

Providing high quality wellness programming such as PATHS is central to Granite VNA’s community mission. We offer one-on-one, group, and online programs on topics such as aging, healthy lifestyles, advance care planning, grieving and bereavement, and care giving. All programs are free of charge and offered in a relaxed and fun environment.

For more information about Granite VNA’s community wellness programs, visit www.granitevna.org/education