May 12, 2020

A Hospice House Nursing Story

Today wraps up the series of brief nursing stories that celebrates the outstanding work of our nurses during National Nurses Week (May 6-12).

The following story is from one of our Hospice House nurses:

When patients are at a point in their journey to need the support of the Hospice House, we are fortunate to be here to provide care and comfort.  Patients who have been independent at home and find themselves declining and in need of assistance, often have a difficult time "letting go" and allowing others to provide their care for them. It is heartwarming to hear them thank us for helping, and building a trust with those patients. It is rewarding to come into a patients room and see their eyes light up, and tell you "I am so happy to see you." Or working with a patient and family throughout the night to get them comfortable, and have the family say "Thank you" and "will you be back in again tonight?" 

Knowing that you have made a difference and provided comfort to ease their distress, if only for a moment, is such a fulfilling feeling, Its one of the many reasons I love being a nurse.