January 12, 2019

Laura’s Story

Our work is amazing because YOU are amazing.

Laura was 98 when we met her in January of 2017, and turned 99 soon after. With an expectation that she had only six months left to live, she entered our Hospice Program. She was having a hard time at that point, on oxygen 24/7, and just plain aging. But with good care, stress and pain reduction, she soon “graduated” from the Hospice program. Laura found this particularly amusing when she was presented with a certificate, and graduated at 99!

Fast forward one year, and Laura returned to us for hospice care. Her daughter, Linda, was so grateful for the care her mom received, and said Laura would have been honored to share her story with you.

Linda talked mostly about the companionship her mom experienced. She said that the understanding and counseling Laura received, though it cannot be qualified or quantified, helped her physically and mentally. As our nurse, Kathleen, rubbed cream on her feet and legs, hands and arms, they would chat. The physical touch was as important to her as the conversation. When spiritual coordinator Dan Kusch visited, Linda was struck by the lovely relationship he and Laura had created. It gave Linda and her family a great deal of comfort to know that her mom was being cared for so well and so lovingly.

Though Laura missed her 100th birthday by a mere 4 days, her family celebrated with her none-the-less with a “rolling birthday.”  Send cards and letters now. Stop by with felicitations when you can. Don’t wait until March the 27th.  An only child, Laura thought family to be the most important thing in her life. Just days before her death, all three of her children and their spouses gathered for a birthday luncheon and grandchildren stopped by regularly. Linda feels that having these “last sightings” of her family were what helped her mom to pass peacefully.

Linda misses seeing the folks from Hospice now, they had become friends. But she recognizes “how important it is to the fabric of our lives to have Hospice in place – people who do this work solely for the love of helping people ease into the next world.”  

Because you have supported this work, Central VNA is able to bring these amazing services to anyone in our community who wants and needs them. You gave Laura and her family extra time.You gave Laura a special gift. You know that everyone deserves to live and die with dignity, and we are grateful for your support.