October 6, 2022

Learning How Hospice Can Help

Many people are unfamiliar with how hospice can help them and their family receive the care they need following a terminal medical diagnosis. When Judy was admitted to hospice care, her daughter Libby did not know what to expect. 

“I had never really dealt with anyone who received hospice services,” she said. “When the hospice team first started going to my mother’s home, she was still getting around well. The cancer hadn’t progressed so she could take care of herself, but it was difficult to get to doctor appointments so they were providing her with nursing services.”

Judy continued to live on her own with assistance from her family and our hospice team. “To have that extra person touching base with her was really great, so I would definitely recommend that part of it,” Libby said.

When Judy’s condition worsened, the hospice team met with the family and discussed their options. “We felt that having the team there assured us that all of our ‘bases’ were covered,” Libby said. “We had people there who had our backs.”

Judy and her family chose Hospice House because she needed around the clock care which the family could not provide. “We didn’t know what to expect,” Libby said. “It was a really tough decision to bring her there.” 

“Going there and seeing how she was treated and everything they did for her made us feel like it was the right decision,” she added. “They treated her with dignity and were positive while respecting and understanding what a difficult thing she was going through. I think they helped to calm her fears. 

The excellent care that she received allowed us to be able to focus on just being there with her during her final days. As we wrestled with the idea that maybe we could keep her at home, the nursing team and doctors who have been through it so many times would tell you everything that would happen next and where my mother was along the journey.”