May 5, 2020

A Message from Andrea, Our Chief Clinical Officer

Happy National Nurses Week! Our organization’s talented nurses perform myriad roles across our administrative departments and clinical programs. While these roles may have different tasks, our nurses share so many traits central to excellent nursing practice:  critical thinking, integrity, attention to detail, advocacy, compassion, and good communication. Nurses function independently in the home, form trusting relationships with patients, families and providers, keep patients safe and comfortable, and grow their skills and knowledge-- all while dodging pets and clutter, and always with a smile and encouragement for patients and their caregivers.

“Let us never consider ourselves finished nurses….we must be learning all of our lives.” ~ Florence Nightingale

I’ve learned more from my patients than I could ever possibly have given, and each patient’s end of life experience has given me more tools in my toolkit to become a better nurse. I’ve earned two hospice certifications and an MBA—but in many ways, my real education was learned from the real lives and experiences of my patients. 

Learning from the things we wish we had done differently is one trait of a great nurse that you won’t see in a Hallmark greeting card. Yet I think it’s one of the ways in which nursing is truly a practice and an art, while also grounded in science. Nurses show up. We show up when it’s hard, when it’s snowing, and when the babysitter cancels. We celebrate when our patients recover or when their pain is finally managed; we also feel helpless when there’s yet another fall or infection, or the patient is clearly failing. Nurses show up because we care. 

In appreciation for all that you do, and for showing up, Happy Nurses Week!

Andrea Patrick-Baudet, MBA, RN, CHPN, CHPCA
Chief Clinical Officer