July 22, 2021

Program Participant Applies Lessons Learned

When Anne of Canterbury noticed “A Matter of Balance” online program advertised on Facebook, she did not think twice about enrolling.

“I have had some difficulty with balance for quite a while,” she said. “Once ‘A Matter of Balance’ started, I quickly learned I was not the only person who has problems.”

“A Matter of Balance” is an evidence-based, nationwide program designed to help older adults reduce their fear of falling and increase their activity levels. As part of the program, participants set activity level goals and learn exercises to increase their strength and balance. They also find out ways they can make changes to reduce their fall risks at home. 

Since the completion of her classes, Anne has exercised routinely and is more careful about her surroundings. Her son installed grab bars in her home and she is paying closer attention to details that may prevent a fall. “If I am at the counter, I put a light on so I can see better.” 

Anne LaForce, RN, one of the facilitators of the program, said that the program covers many topics including managing your environment, exercising, and what to do when you fall. 

“It’s about changing people’s perceptions regarding the fear of falling,” she said. “You have to change your mindset and behaviors, be assertive, and ask for help.”