February 8, 2019

You Saved A Life – The Story of “Mr. Max”

Just imagine you bring your 4 year old to the pediatrician because his color is poor, his appetite is off and he is more tired than you think he should be. The diagnoses comes back and your worst fears are realized – your son has leukemia.

This is a true story.
Shortly after his fourth birthday, Max needed chemo.  

The impact
Pediatric cancer is doubly and even triply difficult because it affects the family in so many ways.  Who’s going to drive Max to Boston twice a week? Who will stay home with his older sister? How much school will he miss?  How will Mom and Dad keep their jobs?

The Answer
Central VNA is the only agency north of Concord that provides healthcare AT HOME to children birth – 18 years of age.  “Mr. Max” as he is known around here needed weekly blood work and weekly chemo for two full years. That is over 200 appointments.  But because of you, Central VNA could bring the treatment to Max. And Max could be seen in his home environment and not a sterile room with a plastic chair hooked up to pump by strangers.  Mom and Dad continued to work, and his sister didn’t miss any school at all. In fact, Max missed so little that he is now a proud first grader, and in remission.

The Party
At his last treatment, all the neighbors gathered to cheer. With drums banging, horns blowing and voices raised, Mr. Max was celebrated by all. Your support in the last two years helped Central VNA treat Max and return him to health.  Your generosity kept this family strong. We could not have done it without you. Mr. Max could not have done it without you. Thank you.