Home Care

Whether you are an adult or child, home is a special place where you would like to recover and rest easier following surgery or an illness. We know how you feel because we feel the same way and that is why our team provides the home care services you need to stay home.

Granite VNA provides skilled services at home, as ordered and directed by your doctor. Our home care team offers hands-on care and teaches you and your caregiver the skills needed to succeed including taking and monitoring vital signs that can help identify problems early and prevent them from becoming serious.

We accept referrals 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week, and strive to deliver home health care within 24 hours of a doctor’s order.

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How We Help


Our services for people of all ages include:
- Help with managing and learning more about a chronic illness such as diabetes, COPD, and heart failure
- Management of medications and reconciliation
- Assistance in recovering from an illness or injury
- Support to improve healing and recovery following surgery
- Specialized programs to address the needs of all ages
- Home safety and falls risk assessment
- Pediatric and maternal child health services
- Transitional care management
- Safety and injury prevention education
- Nutritional counseling


Skilled Nursing

Our nurses help you manage and learn more about your chronic illness. We assist in monitoring the effectiveness of medications and any potential side effects, and work closely with you, your caregiver, your physician, and pharmacist to prevent dangerous medication interactions. Our nurses are specially trained in wound care to help you avoid infections and other serious complications. They will clean and change wound dressings and train you and your caregiver on how to change wound dressings, monitor healing, and detect potential complications.

If you need injections such as monthly Vitamin B12 injections, our nurses can teach you how to administer your own injections and pre-measure them to prevent dosage errors. We can help you manage your medications and collaborate with your physician to assess your treatment and dosage.

Our nurses work closely with you and your caregiver in teaching you about your disease or condition to become as independent as possible. We are specially trained to provide IV and infusion therapy for chemotherapy, parenteral nutrition, pain management, parenteral antibiotics, and hydration therapy.

Rehabilitation Therapy

Our physical, occupational, and speech therapists work closely with you and your caregiver in helping you reach your goals and regain or maintain your independence.

Our physical therapists assist you with moving in and out of bed or a chair, how to use a cane or walker safely and effectively, ways to conserve energy and limit any strain on joints and muscles, how to improve your posture and balance, an exercise program, and preventing falls.

Our occupational therapists help you improve motor skills such as buttoning your shirt, putting shoes on, or cutting food, exercise and positioning programs, and strategies or specially designed equipment to help you complete basic tasks or daily activities

Our speech therapists assist you in strengthening the muscles of your mouth, neck, and face to alleviate problems like choking and coughing, while improving the ability to speak clearly, chew, and swallow. We can also help you learn different ways to communicate after a stroke and cope when communication is difficult or problematic.

Our goals are to increase your functional levels and improve your quality of life to help keep you at home and out of the hospital.

Medical Social Work

Our medical social workers address the social, economic, and emotional issues that you may experience during your illness. They provide thoughtful guidance and insight to help you meet your goals and access appropriate financial and community resources, if necessary.

Behavioral Health Program

It is common for people to become depressed and/or have high anxiety when they experience a medical event, a new diagnosis, or a fall. Research shows that depression can be as high as 46% for home care patients.

In our program, we have nurses, occupational therapists, and medical social workers specially trained to serve them. The program provides assessment, medication management, and education for patients living with anxiety and depression to help improve outcomes of care.

Specialized Training

If you choose to add personal home services to your plan of care, please note that our homemakers, personal care service providers, and licensed nursing assistants (home care aides) must undergo a background investigation, attend a two-day agency orientation, complete extensive training and specialized education with our Staff Development Nurse, and shadow experienced team members performing visits in patient homes.

Specialized education provided to our team members focus on: Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, and Delirium Depression and Anxiety
All team members meet specific competencies and demonstrate their skills to the Staff Development Nurse prior to providing care independently. They are retested on these competencies yearly.