Grief Support

The weeks and months following the death of a loved one are difficult. During this time, people experience many different feelings, and sometimes changes to sleeping and eating habits and energy levels. Each person's grief experience is unique and there is a wide range of "normal." Our agency can support you through this challenging time. For more information on any of the services and programs, please call (603) 224-4093, ext. 82828 or e-mail   

Services Include:

  • Bereavement assessment
  • Support throughout the hospice stay for funeral/memorial service planning
  • Grief educational materials and community resources provided to the bereaved
  • Cards, letters, and telephone calls offering support
  • One-on-one visits provided by staff or bereavement volunteers
  • Community memorial services
  • Grief Support Groups (see below)

Facilitated Groups

Living with Grief | Granite VNA - Laconia Wednesdays, July 13 - August 17 | 3 - 4:30 p.m.

This weekly group offers adults a safe, caring space to share and learn alongside others whose lives and hearts have been broken open by loss. Together, we discuss ways of coping with our grief and the challenges of making our way in a changed world. We welcome people who have suffered the loss of any beloved - in a partnership, family of origin, family of choice, or friendship. 

Sessions are offered free of charge. Registration is required and space is limited. Participants are expected to wear masks and seating will be spaced for in-person sessions.

Register here.

Parent Circle | Online Program Second Tuesday of Each Month | 6 - 7:15 p.m.

A monthly mutual support group for parents who have suffered the death of a child at any age to any circumstance and whether the loss was recent or some time ago.
Parents are encouraged to come individually or with partners, spouses, or co-parents to connect and share with other bereaved parents who are thrust into this journey of grief – to listen, to share, to remember, to give and receive support, and to bear witness to each other.

These sessions are offered free of charge. Registration is required and space is limited. Once your registration is confirmed, you will receive a link to the program. Technical instruction is available to participate in the group. 

Register at (603) 224-4093, ext. 82828.

Newly Bereaved Support Sessions | Hospice House Third Tuesday of Each Month | 6 - 7:15 p.m.

This session provides grief education and support for adults who have experienced the recent loss of a loved one. Participants learn tools for coping with some o the debilitating physical and emotional aspects of the grieving process and are welcome to share their experiences. 

Registration is required and space is limited. Masks are required. These sessions are offered free of charge. 

Register at (603) 224-4093, ext. 82828.

Men's Grief Group | Wesley United Methodist Church (Parlor) First and Third Thursday of Each Month | 9 - 10 a.m.

Men's Grief Group is an informal gathering providing an opportunity for grieving men to connect with each other around the loss of their spouse or life partner. Participants are encouraged to talk about their experiences and struggles with grief and share ideas for coping with loss. 

These programs are offered free of charge. Participants will need to wear masks and be able to maintain social distance. 

Registration is required. Participants are expected to wear masks and seating will be spaced.

To register, please call (603) 224-4093, ext. 82828.